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Ausgehend von den Vorgaben des Bundesamts für Gesundheit (BAG) und des Staatssekretariats für Wirtschaft (SECO) haben wir ein Schutzkonzept für Personal und Besucher*innen der Kunsthalle Zürich erarbeitet. Zum Download hier.

// We have developed a Covid-19 concept for staff and visitors to Kunsthalle Zürich based on measures set by the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), which can be downloaded...


Reading Rämistrasse #12: Aoife Rosenmeyer on Schall und Rauch at Kunsthaus Zürich

‘Schall und Rauch’ (Smoke and Mirrors) is a survey exhibition of the 1920s in Western culture. The curators argue that a thirst for innovation was in the air, old habits were broken and new forms forged. Their subtitle is ‘The Roaring Twenties’, yet the exhibition speaks discreetly. Instead of drama or fervour, we encounter a tasteful, often delightful, account of a decade in art, fashion, staging, furniture design, architecture, film and dance. Works and products from the 1920s are counterpointed with those of a clutch of contemporary artists. The story starts from the wreckage of World...


Reading Rämistrasse #10: Jörg Scheller über die App-Gruppenausstellung FitArt bei Roehrs & Boetsch

Die Corona-Pandemie hat nicht nur das Wirtschaftssystem, sondern auch das Kunstsystem aus seinen üblichen Bahnen geworfen. Als Künstler gelten heute jene, die ihr Werk in der Öffentlichkeit sichtbar machen, Publikum anziehen, medienöffentliche Diskurse triggern und auf öffentlichen Messen reüssieren. Was tun, wenn ein Virus – genauer gesagt: die politischen Reaktionen auf eine Viruspandemie – diese Öffentlichkeit, zumindest vorübergehend, suspendiert?


Reading Rämistrasse #9: Rebecka Domig on Ceylan Öztrük at Longtang

The Hunziker Areal is situated in the northeast of Zurich, a conglomeration of cooperative housing, home to fresh-faced families looking for affordable homes. It is here that Longtang, self-described «cultural incubator» and artist-run exhibition space, stakes its claim. It is here that Ceylan Öztrük has worked in a studio for the last year, upon invitation by the Longtang team. The exhibition on view is the final installment of Öztrük’s residency, and offers insight into the themes and motifs the artist has been thinking about these last months. 



Reading Rämistrasse #8: Mitchell Anderson on Wolfgang Voigt at

Since Lorenzo Bernet’s opened late last year it has become an active and experimental gallery inclusive of art practices beyond what Zurich’s art scene and the wider artworld traditionally accommodate. Last winter a survey of self-taught artist Hans Krüsi was a small historical discovery and the space generally has an open showroom of dense collage paintings by the legendary musician and producer Lee Scratch Perry, whose works Bernet has promoted into art conversations and institutional exhibitions these past years. The current exhibition...


Reading Rämistrasse #7: AJ on Hernan Bas at Peter Kilchmann

Imagine I’m a disembodied voice telling you to get out of your chair. It’s a coincidence that I’m sending you there twice in a row, but I want you to go back to Peter Kilchmann. This time, to see a painting by Hernan Bas called The curious case of Matthew Manning poltergeist. The painting is big, 6 foot by 5 foot. It has two almost life-size teenage boys on it, staring moodily into the middle distance. The scene might or might not be set in the early 1970s. There is a small portable record player in the foreground, and the boy in the foreground is wearing converse sneakers. The...


Reading Rämistrasse #6: Hannah Grüninger zu Samuel de Saboia bei Kogan Amaro

Gesichter, Augen, blinde Flecken, Bewegung und Erstarrung, Musik, ein Stern und eine Blume. Die Betrachterin wird zur Betrachteten. Der zweiundzwanzigjährige brasilianische Künstler Samuel de Saboia schafft auf Leinwand, Holz, Leder und bemaltem luftgetrocknetem Lehm einen intimen Raum und ein Gegenüber. Seine Arbeit beinhaltet Geburt, Leben, Tod und Selbstakzeptanz innerhalb sozialer Zusammenhänge. Augen schauen, hypnotisieren und kommunizieren. Verschiedene Erzählungen werden zu einer und am Schluss bleibt ein grosses Stimmengewirr.



Reading Rämistrasse #5: Aoife Rosenmeyer on Abstand at Galerie Haas

Everyone is working on the hoof. You can’t hold it against Galerie Haas for digging around in their inventory and mounting a motley show of works that could be grouped under the umbrella of ‘Abstand’. The safe distance we know and broadly disregard. Or the Abstand that makes a clear, quantitative difference. Or an interval in time, over which certain artists become established as significant markers in art, marking both artistic currents and the historic contemporaneity they lived. In Haas’ small Zürich gallery there’s a Max Ernst collage, a Picasso ink drawing and others less familiar,...