Muss - Musse - Muse

05.10.2018, 14:00-22:00
Muss - Musse - Muse
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At «100 Ways of Thinking» the VAUZ - in celebration of its 50. anniversary - hosts


Slow down, relax, stay curious, creative & mentally healthy in academia

Science as vocation and/or profession - work in academia is passion!
But where do we get the power from?
Are we regularly kissed by our Muse Kalliope? What to do when Musts become stressful?
Take a little time to pause and enjoy some leisure Moments with us!
Yoga with us at Kunsthalle and use the various possibilities of inspiration for your inner balance.
And help us improve the research and teaching situation at UZH - carpe diem!
We look forward to a shared, inspirational Mu(s)e!

(all program items are for free!)

Alexandra's Yoga Lesson
Participate in happiness, tranquility & wellbeing @ Kunsthalle
(suitable for all levels!)

Salome's & Ulrich's Workshop on Researchers Experiences @ UZH
Share your experience & contribute to an evolution of our research settings @ UZH
UZH Psychological Counseling Services

Emilia's Ted Talk on “Slow Science”
Learn more about slow, steady & curiosity-driven scientific research approaches

Alexandra's, Clare’s & Juliane's Anti-Stigmatization Workshop
Mental health in academia - methods for researchers to achieve emotional, psychological, and social well-being

Eliza's & Lauriane's Cocktail Bar
To your health!


25 Sa