This Week in Zürich #46

The Ardent V

Opening: Saturday, July 23, from 7pm
Soundtracked by Forbidden Planet Montreal
Flüelastrasse 54, 8047 Zürich 
by appointment:
+41 76 7001858 & 2722754

While most big shows have already opened and most smaller venues are vacationing away, the off-space UP STATE, housed at the squatted Kochareal, proves itself among the most diligent of Zurich initiatives by throwing a Saturday night mid summer opening of a group exhibition organized by Kunsthalle Zürich’s Julia Moritz and independent curator-writer Daniel Horn. Sequeling Horn’s 2015 summer group show The Verdant at the afterwards closed Hacienda art space (ran by curator Arthur Fink, renown Swiss artist Fabian Marti, and noveau gallerist Oskar Weiss) in the historic part of town, the motley crew of selected artists now moves up town to UP STATE (run by Marc Hunziker, Chantal Kaufmann and Rafal Skoczek) in Altstetten. Join the funny folks this Saturday from 7pm for pasta, prosecco (powered by Hacienda) and of course the presentation of anagrammatic art works, anagrammatically titled The Ardent V.

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