The organic Internet - Build your own local network

28.02.2018, 20:00-22:00
The organic Internet - Build your own local network

With the opportunity to offer an Openki course on the Organic Internet at the Kunsthalle Zurich, we inaugurate a new series of courses to take place in different locations that might benefit from a local-only network, like the Kunsthalle :-)

The course participants will learn how to install a local network using a Raspberry Pi and the MAZI toolkit (a sort of Wordpress for DIY networks) and then we will discuss all together which open source applications and which "framing" might be most appropriate for different places and situations.

Bring a Raspberry Pi 3 if you have one, but in any case there will be Raspberry Pis for everyone, which you can buy if you wish to keep it :-)

For more information and readings check the main course description: