Thinking with and as a Collective Body

29.09.2018, 14:30-16:30
Thinking with and as a Collective Body
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The workshop is based on the composition of basic movements (e.g. walking, sitting, standing, every day gestures). It investigates the functioning of organisations and society along choreographic structures, procedures or rules. The two primary definitions of choreography in this context are 1) the design of the perception of movement in time and space and 2) choreography as decision making, including the decision not to make a decision.
Applied on a society perspective, the workshop proposes that decisions on individual and community levels are based on the perception of the movements in a certain time and environment. This implies that decisions might be completely different, if the perception changes. To understand the perception and its possibilities to change, it is therefore important to understand the underlying choreography. The workshop intends to widen the horizon for the understanding of this choreographic base, in order to give individuals and collectives a wider range of possible decisions and to make use of a collective intelligence which is built on trust between individuals. Trust is the fundamental ingredient for people dancing together. In perceiving the functioning of groups, organisations and society as choreography, trust amongst people is already increasing. This will grow, the further they investigate and learn about the choreography they “dance” along together.

The workshop is open for active participants and observers. You are invited to join at any moment and stay as long as you wish.
After the workshop all people present are invited to an open discussion and snacks.

Performer and economist Katrin Kolo connects choreography with opera and organizational research.

Currently artist-in-residence at the Arts of Management & Organisation Conference; former projects in Zurich “Unternehmenschoreographie” at ZHdK and “La Récréation de l’Opéra” in front of the opera.

Die Veranstaltung ist auf Deutsch und Englisch. Um eine unverbindliche Anmeldung wird gebeten. Eine spontane Teilnahme ist aber dennoch möglich. Anmeldung:


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