The Field's decision-making workflow

During Scalable Skeletal Escalator Lucia Guggerli of The Field proposed sharing The Field's decision-making workflow. 

«We believe in collaboration as a form of activism. Nevertheless, taking decisions as a group can be challenging. Here are some strategies that might be helpful to anyone who wants to promote a flat working structure. We happily answer questions or discuss doubts:

1. Set up

With moderation (optional tool)    

  • Time duration of session
  • Questioning statements 
  • Summing up ideas
  • Provocations

Without moderation            

  • Volunteer > Time duration of session

2. Awareness of challenges        

  • fixed perspective
  • impatience
  • not listening
  • it’s not about always being right
  • personal preferences > taking sides

3. Discussion process

a) Exposing proposals            

  • Positive aspects; potential of idea
  • Conditions, general info > What is there already

b) Implications            

  • Consequence > financial, e.g. needs fund raising
  • Challenges

c) Position; opinion            

  • Individually define one’s position
  • Express preference(s) and explain why

4. Decision making

Types of decision making

a) Chance                

  • throw a dice, for example

b) Vote                    

  • everyone votes and votes are counted

c) Common sense            

  • discussion

c) Common sense > Discussion

Step 1. Set time frame (moderator or volunteer)

Step 2. Pick on tools to shift perspective    

  • Cosmic parliament > Include a non-human player (no switching)
  • Backbone > inner circle has the word, outer circle whisper
  • 2 minutes per person to express their opinion
  • Discuss in pairs, report back your partner’s opinion to the group

Step 3. Decide

Lucia Gugerli is an artist working in dance and performance contexts. She studied contemporary dance in Germany and the Netherlands and has worked with Fabrice Mazliah, Kumpane and Isabelle Beernaert amongst others. In 2019 Lucia started creating and performing her own works while in residency at Tanzhaus Zürich (I’m scared to drop stuff when standing on a balcony) and at Atelier Hermann Haller (Loveletter Series I: Hanni). Alongside her performance career, Lucia worked at Tanzhaus Zürich co-organizing the professional training and was the production manager for the performing arts festival zürich moves! in 2018 and 2019.

Images: Annik Wetter