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11.05.2015 – Guest Blogger

Hannah Weiner (1928–1997). Public Access Poetry, Clairvoyant Journal versions, the rescue blanket, SILENT HISTORY etc.

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Public Access Poetry (PAP)

The situation of the voices, and the interruption and overlay, is quite clear if you hear the tapenade by New Wilderness Audiographics wherein Sharon Mattlin is a wonderful CAPITALS and bosses me around endlessly. (…) Peggy (De Coursey) and Regina (Beck) both sound as if they were scolding me. We worked it so that the voices came fast after each other, occasionally speaking unison and overlapping, and occasionally one of us would ad-lib comment. (from Mostly about the...

06.05.2015 – Guest Blogger

Hannah Weiner (1928–1997). «I am clairvoyant», Colors, Auras, Fashion, and New Music

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«I am clairvoyant»

«I SEE WORDS» – In 1970 Hannah Weiner started to envision auras and fields of energy. In 1972 she also started to perceive words, floating in the air, or perched on her forehead (as seen from the inside), in her surroundings, on walls, on paper, on a dog’s fur coat. In these years she reinvented herself and the meaning of her poetry: I am a clairvoyant. Repeatedly Weiner declared: I SEE WORDS and I am a clairvoyant, celebrating the achievement and artistic method of her self-...

28.04.2015 – Guest Blogger

Hannah Weiner (1928–1997). Code Poems, Street Works / Poetry Events, 0 to 9

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In the 1960s many artists felt the call to appropriate the world, draft new visions for the future and engage directly with a society that was saddled by crises. Existing structures were antiquated and the art scene sought renewal through such movements as Minimal Art, Concept Art, Land Art and Performance Art. These new genres were largely related between two poles: Imagination (the abstract idea) and experience (the interaction with a public foreign to art). Still in their conceptual beginnings, p...