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12.09.2015 – Guest Blogger


Mit lmv_extracts hat Marie Angeletti nicht nur eine Dokumentation des Projekts La Marie-Vison geschaffen, sondern es vielmehr in eine autonome filmische Form übersetzt.

30.04.2015 – Guest Blogger

Terayama Shuji. First Period (1967–1969)

Michael Zimmermann on Theater der Überforderung


Around 1967 when Terayama’s underground theater troupe “Tenjô Sajiki” was formed, economic high-growth-era Japan saw the resurgence of a nationwide protest movement. Groups protesting Japan’s complicit role in the Vietnam War linked up with workers, environmentalists, and radical students. The following years saw a mass of demonstrations – peaceful and violent –, occupations of public squares, train stations and universities (at one point approx. 80% of universities were completely or partly barricaded) and bloody...