Selected Works 1992–1999


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Formed in 1992, the fabled collective ART CLUB2000 provocatively articulated eminent crises in youth and artistic identities within the neoliberal post-recession economy that epitomized 1990s New York. Under the guidance of the mercurial art dealer Colin de Land, who hosted the group's debut exhibition in 1993 at American Fine Arts, Co., the members, all Cooper Union students, conceived of their collaboration as an opportunity to parody and critique the dispassionate Generation X attitudes that were celebrated in commercial culture and advertising of the time. Overtly employing their own youth, they began at a time when the New York art world was eager for the voices and images of emerging-artist-personae. After receiving press coverage for their first exhibition, ART CLUB2000 became the group’s official name and simultaneously set the terms of its own demise with the promise to disband at the turn of the millennium. The group would produce an exhibition for each of the next seven summers at American Fine Arts, Co., as well as participating in solo and group exhibitions at institutions across the US and abroad.

Taking the group’s seven New York City exhibitions as its central focus, Selected Works 1992–1999 elucidates the artists’ radical and expansive exhibition-making techniques, weaving together discrete exhibitions and their multifaceted elements – wall paintings, sculptures, texts, interviews, photographs, videos – into a comprehensive overview of the group’s working trajectory. 

ART CLUB2000: Selected Works 1992–1999 has been realized in partnership with Artists Space New York, where it was on view from October 21 2020–January 30, 2021.