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“Art Club2000, an artists’ collective active during the 1990s, was made up of eight enterprising art school undergraduates: Craig Wadlin, Soibian Spring, Sarah Rossiter, William Rollins, Shannon Pultz, Danny McDonald, Gillian Haratani and Patterson Beckwith, who made art and produced exhibitions – two activities they understood as having separate implications. When the group began they were studying at the Cooper Union – a tuition-free institution in New York’s East Village – with teachers such as Hans Haacke and Mark Dion, meaning that although the members were exposed to the extreme capitalism of the city, they were also allowed enough distance to appreciate its effects. Art Club2000, with its precocity, became a unique clash of commodity fetishism and institutional critique.” Jackie McAllister (Afterall 22, 2009)

During Zurich Art Weekend Patterson Beckwith introduced the work of ART CLUB2000. His talk can be viewed here: 

ZURICH ART WEEKEND 2021 - Kunsthalle Zürich - Patterson Beckwith from Tibor Lörincz on Vimeo.

ART CLUB2000 Selected Works 1992-1999 is the first comprehensive presentation of the legendary New York collective ART CLUB2000 (or AC2K), founded
in 1992. Developed by Artists Space in New York and exhibited there last year, the exhibition now unites AC2K’s entire production and conception of art for the first time in Europe. Although few people viewed them at the time, their exhibitions are now considered legendary and avant-garde. Instead of committing themselves to pursuing individual careers, or branding and pigeonholing themselves, AC2K pursued an anti-capitalist art that remained fluid, political and activist, yet equally funny, sincere, outrageous and caustic.

Between 1992 and 1999, AC2K developed an oeuvre that is not made up of individual works – in the sense of a collection of artworks. It consists, as succinct and banal as it may sound, of exhibitions. AC2K used the medium of the exhibition to address, criticise and parody the role of the artist, social changes, real estate development and their own conflicted relations to contemporary life. The result was a portrait of a time of upheaval and an increasingly gentrifying art world.

ART CLUB2000: Selected Works 1992–1999 has been realised in partnership with Artists Space New York, where it was on view from October 21 2020–January 30, 2021.



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