Georgian Modernism: The Fantastic Tavern

The exhibition Georgian Modernism: The Fantastic Tavern is calling for the overdue acknowledgement of the artistic accomplishments of the Georgian Modernist movement and aims at placing this largely ignored chapter into western history of art. This is why Kunsthalle Zurich decided to expand the exhibition into the virtual world and to publish background information as well as images of different works and various artists on the blog.


The Years of Silent Film in Georgian Cinema:

Buba, 1930, Nutsa Gogoberidze. / Saba, 1931, Mikheil Chiraureli. / My Grandmother (Chemi bebia), 1929 Kote Mikaberidze. / Salt for Svanetia (Jim Shvante), 1930, Michail Kalatosow.

The Avant-garde in Georgian Theater:

Irakli Gamrekeli (1894 – 1943) / Anzor, 1930 / The Robbers (Die Räuber), 1781


Futurist Books: Tbilisi 1917–1919:

Ilya Zdanevich (1894–1975) / Donkey for hire (Asel naprakat), 1918/19


Modernist Artist Cafés in Tbilisi

David Kakabadze (1889–1952) / Ilya Zdanevich (1894–1975)



David Kakabadze (1889–1952) / Alexander Tcherepnin (1899–1977) / Niko Pirosmani (1862–1918) / IIrakli Gamrekeli (1894 – 1943)Ilya Zdanevich (1894–1975)


The content bublished in this blog is a call to write history by oneself. It's a collection of found references that is not complete as there are more films, texts, and documents which continue to emerge and come forward.