Pick a Nose

Excerpt from the script to episode 2 of Bottom Feeders - The Battle of the Cataplasm by Flavio Merlo and Ben Rosenthal


- Take a look at these hands! the hand speaks. The hand of a government man. born under punches.
- What a splendid member…
- You must be joking.
- I got these small hands. I got a little girl's hands.
- Small enough to pick your nose thoroughly.
- Yes, I can go all the way. Just look, look, this booger is endless.
- It just doesnt’ stop. I usually just use my little finger, because I don’t want my nostrils to become too loose.
- Toulouse? Thats a nice place.
- The bigger the better.
- Just tell me when you got it.
- Why can’t you pick your own nose?
- Pick a nose!
- Any nose!
- The question remains
- What to do with what’s dug out?
- Delicate
- Eat it!
- Keep it!
- Smear it!
- Where?

Bottom Feeders - The Battle of the Cataplasm, Episode 2

(Photos: Basil Stücheli)