Tbilisi 16: Day 4

Spontaneous presentation of Hanna Törnudd’s work

Georgia Sagri (Athen/New York) discusses her off-space project ‘??? [matter] HYLE in Athens and asked us all “what can be the next move”?

Dinner by Andro Wekua (Berlin)


Bob van der Wal (Frankfurt/Berlin) and Julia Moritz present the short film Denk Grotto from their ferry ride from Ukraine to Georgia, against all odds


Marie Angeletti (Paris/Berlin) screens her freshly finalized film Poppers, a Georgian meditation on the work of Japanese filmmaker Shuji Terayama 

Heartmelting final concert by Stefan Tcherepnin (New York) with spontaneous trumpet solo by Tobias Spichtig and Hawaiian singalong by everybody

We <3 Tbilisi 16


Michelle Akanji