Artists and Agents. Performance Art and the Secret Services (Reihe: Denkt Kunst)

13.09.2018, 10:00-18:00
14.09.2018, 10:00-18:00
Artists and Agents. Performance Art and the Secret Services (Reihe: Denkt Kunst)
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Workshop with Inke Arns, Liliana Gomez-Popescu, Anna Krakus, Kata Krasznahorkai, Elisabeth Pichler, Caterina Preda, Sylvia Sasse, Tamás Szőnyei, and Anikó Szűcs


The “case of Julia Kristeva” has recently drawn our attention to the fact that reading records kept by the state security is a challenging task. These records don't reflect facts; the have much more to do with creating facts.


In this workshop, specialists from various countries in Eastern Europe and Latin America will present their research into archives of former state security agencies. In the process, they will show to what extent the archives of secret police can be understood as archives of the arts. Was does informants' photographic documentation of the art scene, especially performances, happenings, and actions, look like? How did informants speak about the actions and happenings? What does their view of the art scene say about the state's fears regarding artists? How “performative” was the Stasi? How did it manipulate artistic actions by planting secret agents and through counteractions? How did artists respond to the Stasi's presence in the shadows? How did they incorporate the potential and concrete perspective of the Stasi into their works? Since 1989, how have artists worked with the material that the secret police collected on them?




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