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18.03.2020 – Aoife Rosenmeyer


13 March 

The Swiss Federal Council ordered that schools be closed, no events take place with 100 or more and restaurants accommodate no more than 50 people, staff included.

14 March

I came in from a jittery city; the streets were emptier than they should have been, but a few tourists still wandered through Niederdorf. In the Cabaret Voltaire, bamboo in pots punctuated the performance space and a few people were seated around the edges of the room. Isabel Lewis was weaving around, unhurriedly, twisting her hands and her body as she went. There was a soundtrack, a low-...

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20.02.2020 – Aoife Rosenmeyer

Gilbert & George bei Kulturplatz

A team from Swiss national television's Kulturplatz programme visited Gilbert & George in London prior to their Zurich exhibition. Curator Hans Ulrich Obrist explains why the artists remain avant garde. 


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17.01.2020 – Aoife Rosenmeyer

Interview with Marianna Simnett

Before Marianna Simnett's exhibition LAB RATS opened at the Kunsthalle Zürich, Simnett and Kunsthalle Director Daniel Baumann sat down together to discuss the works she is showing. This is what emerged.

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13.12.2019 – Aoife Rosenmeyer

Selected by... Marianna Simnett

Und welche Bücher liest die Künstlerin? Mit Selected by.... bieten wir eine kleine Auswahl von Büchern, die uns Marianna Simnett empfohlen hat. Zum Durchblättern und Kaufen während ihrer Ausstellung in der Kunsthalle.

What is the artist reading? Selected by... is a small collection of books chosen by the exhibiting artist, Marianna Simnett, on display at the Kunsthalle for visitors to leaf through and leave with.


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19.11.2019 – Michelle Akanji

Gala Auction Lots

Lot 1: Sean Landers, *1962
Suicide Bear, 2005
28.3 x 21.7 x 3 cm
AP 1 / 3 (Edition of 7)


Lot 2: Peter Wächtler, *1979
Surprise Work of Art



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