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11.09.2018 – Johanna Vieli

Buba, 1930

Buba, 1930, Noutsa Gogoberidze (1902–1966), film, black/white, no sound, 39 min.

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11.09.2018 – Johanna Vieli

Saba, 1931

Saba, 1931, Mikheil Chiraureli (1894–1974), film, black/white, no sound 1h 12 min.

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11.09.2018 – Johanna Vieli

Meine Grossmutter (Chemi bebia), 1929

My Grandmother (Chemi bebia), 1929 Konstantin (oder Kote) Mikaberidze (1896–1973), Film, black/white, no sound, 65 min (1929) / 73 min (1970)

A fired bureaucrat tries to avoid
his wife’s anger by turning to a so-called «Grandmother» to help him find a new job. Instead, his «Grandmother» provides him with a false recommendation letter that warns potential employers not to hire him. My Grandmother uses stop-motion, pup- petry, exaggerated camera angles, anima- tion and constructivist sets designed by the Georgian artist Irakli Gamrekeli, who created many sets for the...

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09.08.2018 – Michelle Akanji


Open Call

Löwenbräu lebt! Bruch / Break
Performance Night, December 14, 2018, 7PM

Breaks can be expressed in many ways. A break down describes something collapsing or falling apart. In German, a departure or a time of change are called “Aufbruch”. New achievements and inventions are referred to as breakthroughs. You can break the law or a code or someone’s will. And at times, breaking up and taking a break can be the same.

How can art react to all these breaks? Should art break with a polarized society and complicate things? In which ways can we break out...

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Pins, Feuersteine, Sugus und CHF 1440.75 Spenden!

An Rob Pruitts People Feeders (Fütterer, 2010) haben sich viele bedient. Pins, Bonbons und manchmal auch Früchte waren im Angebot. Kinder haben darin nach den Cola Fröschli gewühlt, andere haben sich ab den Sprüchen der Feuersteine amüsiert und das Team der Kunsthalle Zürich hat nach der Mittagspause daraus genascht.

Sie haben aber nicht nur konsumiert! 1440.75 Franken haben unsere Besucherinnen und Besucher gespendet. Der Betrag geht teils an die Autonome Schule Zürich und teils an die...

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