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08.07.2015 – Guest Blogger

This Week in Zürich #2

This Week in Zürich informiert Sie über Ausstellungen und Veranstaltungen in Zürich, die Sie nicht verpassen sollten. Diese Woche liegt Revolution in der Luft.

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06.07.2015 – Julia Moritz

Mission Statement Reversed – Review of the Seminar „Kunsthalle Studium Maximum“

at Kunsthalle Zürich, in collaboration with Zurich University of the Arts, February – June 2015

Following our seminar titled „Kunsthalle Studium Maximum“ conceived by Yannic Joray (Artist and occasional tour guide at Kunsthalle Zürich) and Julia Moritz (Curator of Theory & Programs Kunsthalle Zürich) together with Franziska Koch (Docent BFA Zurich University of the Arts), we asked the students to write a short summary of what happened, what they remember, what they have hoped to learn, what they did not, and what they would be curious about in the future. The below is a cut-up...

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30.06.2015 – Guest Blogger

This Week in Zürich #1

This Week in Zürich informs you about shows not to be missed when in Zurich. Today, 4 shows about photography spanning over 100 years and almost as many different attitudes.

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25.06.2015 – Rahel Blättler

Albert Oehlen. Abräumung 1987 - Installationsansichten

Die von Wilfried Dickhoff kuratierte Ausstellung Abräumung  fand im 1987 neu eröffneten Zentrum "Mühle Tiefenbrunnen" im Zürcher Seefeld statt, wo die Kunsthalle Zürich bis zu ihrem Umzug ins Schoeller-Areal an der Hardturmstrasse halbjährlich Wechselausstellungen präsentierte. Das Provisorium mit den Mauerquadern und den Balken bot ein stimmigen Ambiente für Oehlens Spiegelbilder aus den Jahren 1982 bis...

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19.06.2015 – Rahel Blättler

Albert Oehlen. Abräumung 1987 - Presseartikel

In unserem Archiv sind wir neben Flyer und Pressemitteilung zur Ausstellung Abräumung von Albert Oehlen 1987 auch auf zahlreiche Pressestimmen gestossen. Sie geben nicht nur Einblick in die damalige Schau, sondern auch in die Anfangszeit der Kunsthalle Zürich. Noch ohne fixen Standort, gastierte die Kunsthalle Zürich damals in der Mühle Tiefenbrunnen.



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15.06.2015 – Daniel Baumann

Ceci n’est pas une liste. Zurich Art Galleries at Art Basel

Basel has Switzerland's best and hugely popular football club, while Zurich, the country's biggest city, has two football clubs, and nobody seems to care. Hello?!? Zurich, what's going on (jo näj, was isch loos)?!? Basel has Art Basel but, as you may know, only a few galleries..., while Zurich is known for its vibrant art scene with its galleries, institutions and many art-related activities. The 45th Art Basel opens this week and we wondered about the presence of Zurich galleries at Art Basel since its debut in 1970.

We went...

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11.06.2015 – Guest Blogger

Shuji Terayama

by Gabrielle Schaad



Where should we start with the story of Shuji Terayama, theater director, filmmaker and writer, as an introduction to our Theater der Überforderung, or Theater of Excess? The work of this artist, who died in 1983 and came from the Japanese province of Aomori, has its origins in Tokyo in the late 1950s. Bedridden in hospital for three years in his early 20s due to an illness,...

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08.06.2015 – Julia Moritz

Die Neue Peinlichkeit

A collaborative program by/with/at Helmhaus Zürich, Kunsthalle Zürich, Shedhalle, Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Haus Konstruktiv and UP STATE

Damn it. I’m blushing. Again. Though he’s just handing me nail polish. Well, in the middle of the open plan office… And yet: Who hasn’t!? The office above this white space is certainly not meant for the exchange of cosmetics, any type of private pleasure. The white cube is neither meant for privacy nor pleasure, really. That much is clear. And our bodies do know. Blood shot cheeks – a common feature of guided tours, Q&A sessions,...

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