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08.03.2017 – Guest Blogger

The Struggle within the Struggle

By Sally Schonfeldt

The roots of International Women’s Day, which is being celebrated today the world over, go back to 1913 when a group of extraordinary women who helped instigate the Russian Revolution first declared it an international day of solidarity amongst women workers fighting for a communist revolution. Alexandra Kollontai* was one of the main initiators of this first International Women’s Day and went on to play a pivotal, if lesser known, role in the Russian Revolution. She was the only woman member of the highest order of the Bolshevik party in the crucial...

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08.02.2017 – Daniel Baumann

This Week in Zürich #67

Film „Two A.M.“ von Loretta Fahrenholz in der Kunsthalle Zürich, 3. und letzte Aufführung am Donnerstagabend, 9. Februar um 19 Uhr!>>>Practical Friday "How To Look Good In A Club" with Désirée Myriam Gnaba Freitagabend, 10. Februar um 20 Uhr im Reseda Lochergut>>>Gespräch Thomas Bayrle, Freitagabend, 10. Februar um 19.30 Johann Jacobs Museum>>>Book Launch Happy Tropics 1 von Michael Schindhelm / Damian Christinger u.a. mit Philppe Ursprung und Michelle Akanji im Corner College, Freitagabend 10.2. um 19.30 Uhr. >>>BASEL SPECIAL: Julia Moritz kuratiert bei WeissFalk, Eröffnung Freitagabend 10. Februar!

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