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Reading Rämistrasse #3: Rebecka Domig zu Florence Jung im Helmhaus

An dieser Stelle folgt ein schlechter Vergleich. In der Art wie: 
Man steigt nie zwei Mal in den selben Fluss. 
Man geht nie zwei Mal in die selbe Ausstellung. 
Zumindest nicht, wenn ein Besuch vor Corona liegt und einer danach. Der erste Besuch findet unter denkbar besten Voraussetzungen statt. Ich habe keine Ahnung was ich von Florence Jung zu sehen bekommen werde und stolpere zu spät zur Kuratorenführung ins Helmhaus. Schnurstracks in den grossen Raum im ersten Stock, wo ein Mann vor einer geschlossenen Tür steht. «Findet da drin die Führung statt?» Er blickt mich...

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Reading Rämistrasse #1: Mitchell Anderson on Josh Smith at Eva Presenhuber

There’s more than a bit of Jasper Johns in Josh Smith’s assertion that his prolifically painted subjects are chosen to be overlooked. You have to ignore them both. Smith’s exhibition of 47 stylized turtles serves as a metaphor for the artist’s practice and medium. Executed hawkishly, with something of a velociraptor to them, the arms and legs are angled at different directions and approach a certain ancient symbol of auspiciousness. Depicted from above, their shells become additional picture planes where the artist stages a two decade-long interest in the possibilities of painters’ palette...

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18.03.2020 – Aoife Rosenmeyer


13 March 

The Swiss Federal Council ordered that schools be closed, no events take place with 100 or more and restaurants accommodate no more than 50 people, staff included.

14 March

I came in from a jittery city; the streets were emptier than they should have been, but a few tourists still wandered through Niederdorf. In the Cabaret Voltaire, bamboo in pots punctuated the performance space and a few people were seated around the edges of the room. Isabel Lewis was weaving around, unhurriedly, twisting her hands and her body as she went. There was a soundtrack, a low-...

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20.02.2020 – Aoife Rosenmeyer

Gilbert & George bei Kulturplatz

A team from Swiss national television's Kulturplatz programme visited Gilbert & George in London prior to their Zurich exhibition. Curator Hans Ulrich Obrist explains why the artists remain avant garde. 


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