Eröffnung der Ausstellung: Albert Oehlen

29.05.2015, 18:00-21:00
Eröffnung der Ausstellung: Albert Oehlen
An Old Painting in Spirit


Kunsthalle Zürich
Limmatstrasse 270
CH-8005 Zürich

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In 1987, two years after its foundation, Kunsthalle Zürich presented the exhibition Abräumung by Albert Oehlen (*1954), an early and important solo show for the German artist. Oehlen, who lives not far from Zurich in the Eastern part of Switzerland, remains among the most innovative and controversially discussed artists of today. Quarter of a century later the exhibition An Old Painting in Spirit revisits the 1980s with a selection of works from that era, complemented with new, never-before shown paintings. The exhibition proves how Oehlen’s art continues to challenge our expectations of painting, and moreover, of beauty.

At the opening on May 29 2015 at 8.30 PM the band Wertmüller-Pliakas-Wittwer will give a concert. Michael Wertmüller, drums / Marino Pliakas, electric bass / Stephan Wittwer, electric guitar

The exhibition will be documented on Accompanying the exhibition, the opening concert will be released on LP.


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