Georgian Modernism: The Fantastic Tavern

Georgian Modernism: The Fantastic Tavern

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Georgian Modernism: The Fantastic Tavern presents an introduction into Georgian Modernism, a highly significant yet overlooked period in art history. From 1918-1921, Georgia declared its short independence as the Democratic Republic of Georgia, and Tbilisi became the “Paris” of the East, where an inspired community of artists not only developed unprecedented creative practices but also collaborated to produce astonishing works of art.  During this time, members of the avant-garde in Russia fled Moscow and several key figures from this group made their way to Tbilisi. Their union with the Tbilisi avant-garde along with others from the International community marks a short but crucial period in Georgia’s rich history that eventually led to the development of films, stage designs, theatrical performances, musical compositions, literature, sound poetry, magazines, books, paintings and sculptures, all of which form what is referred to today as “Georgian Modernism”.

Researched by Nana Kipiani (art historian, Tbilisi) and curated by Kunsthalle Zürich.