Guided tour

03.11.2016, 18:30-19:30
Guided tour
With Seline Fülscher (Art Educator)
Freier Eintritt


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“Sculpture performs in some ways like objects in the world that are not sculpture. But as a language, it enables this constant manipulation between something being there to disrupt our relationship with place, space and time and for it to also be re-forming itself, to be constantly metamorphosing, as we encounter and walk around it.” – says Phyllida Barlow (1). We want to know more: How do we metamorphose ourselves when encountering sculpture? A series of free public guided tours with our team, and two young artists, will devise and discuss this experience. 

(1) Phyllida Barlow & Nicholas Cullinan, in: Mousse, #30, 2011, pp. 63-71.

We are happy to organize individual tours for your group (also in English):, +41 (0) 44 272 15 15.


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