La Marie-Vison - Premiere 1

17.04.2015, 18:00
La Marie-Vison - Premiere 1
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Through May 17 we are staging the “Theater der Überforderung” – public rehearsals, discussions, film screenings, and on Friday, April 17 at 6 pm, the first of five premiering performances that take the work of the Japanese dramatist, poet, photographer and filmmaker Terayama Shuji (1935-1983) as their cue:

The theatre play La Marie-Vision originated in 1969 when Terayama, who had staged only a few plays at the time, met the young actor Akihiro Miwa – a key figure of the queer and transvestite scene of Shibuya, Tokyo – and was so charmed that he assigned him to a leading role in his new play. The text however only resulted from continuous collective improvisation. Hence La Marie-Vison also represents the practice of Terayama and his troupe Tenjo Sajiki: the broadening of audiences by settling into a new scene in order to open it up for new contents and topics, and for the confusion of actors and roles, of fiction and life.

Denise Hasler – THE GIRL, Michael Gempart – NERZ MARIE, Fabian Müller – KIN’YA, Franz-Xaver Mayr – THE SERVANT, STAGE – Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Tobias Madison, Elia Schwaller, COSTUME – Madlaina Peer, DIRECTOR – Barbara Weber


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