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Lorenza Longhi
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The history of humanity reflects less our thoughts, utopian visions, purported heroes and heroines and grandiose notions of love, family and sunsets than it does our relationship with objects – much as we would like to believe the inverse. It is a history of the envy objects provoke, the capital bound to them, the wars they bring about and wealth they produce. Objects offer an ersatz and conjure empires, from Apple via Alphabet to Alibaba. Lorenza Longhi belongs to a generation that grew up with a glut of objects, she is of a time in which society was and is understood as the product of a commercial world order. In hardly any field has this been as liberally practiced as the art world of the last thirty years, where objects without any material value are traded for millions. 

These are the contradictions that motivate artist Lorenza Longhi, to which she submits her work and which she equally reveals: being part of a system that serves only itself. This could engender various responses, such as cynicism, depression, anger, withdrawal or distanced passion. It seems that Longhi’s work takes the latter path, at least at the moment. It keeps itself, and others, at a distance, in order to retain some remnant of optimism, without which change is impossible. Some might call this romanticism, others critical or others even opportunistic. Longhi’s work depends upon this, its lives from this and confronts us with it. In so doing it allows art to do what art does best: to retrace our perverted (in the best sense of the word) relationship with objects. If you wish, you can draw conclusions from this. 

The Kunsthalle Zürich exhibition presents the most recent paintings and sculptures from the artist who was born in Italy in 1991 and currently lives in Zürich. 

Lorenza Longhi (b. 1991, Lecco, IT, lives in Zürich) studied at Brera Academy of Fine Arts and the Cantonal Art School in Lausanne. She has exhibited widely throughout Europe, including solo shows at Bungalow, Berlin, Fanta MLN, Milan, La Plage, Paris, and Plymouth Rock, Zürich. She participated in the Kunsthalle Zürich 2020 exhibition Summer of Suspense. In Milan, she was a co-founder of Armada (2014-2018), an artist and art workers-run space. In 2020, she won both the Shizuko Yoshikawa Advanced Award for Young Women Artists and the Swiss Emerging Artist Prize from Société Générale. Her work is currently included in the 2020 Art Quadriennale, FUORI, curated by Sarah Cosulich and Stefano Collicelli Cagol, at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome.


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