Marianna Simnett

Marianna Simnett


Kunsthalle Zürich
Limmatstrasse 270
CH-8005 Zürich

Tel: +41 (0) 44 272 15 15
Fax: +41 (0) 44 272 18 88

"I'm interested in transgression, going beyond oneself and what it means to escape the confines of social or cultural norms... 

... For me this comes from a place of resentment or anger, a deep frustration with the status-quo. I'm always wanting to fight my way out. I don't believe that there are hermetically sealed worlds, such divisive binaries. There is always the possibility of collapse or empathy, of going beyond oneself into another realm. I want to give my subjects a new autonomy, so they are able to occupy multiple genders and sites at the same time. Letting go of the importance of a capital 'I' allows me to take more risks, to make decisions that confront danger and sometimes involve self-inflicted pain and discomfort."

From a conversation between Marianna Simnett and Susanne Pfeffer, MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst, ZOLLAMT, Frankfurt