OnCurating & And YOU print out now …… from digital magazines and platforms

15.01.2016, 18:00-19:00
OnCurating & And YOU print out now …… from digital magazines and platforms
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It is just advertising……….

It is just ephemeral …….

YOU print it now…..

Presentation of new ephemeral productions by AES+F., åyr, Peter Aerschmann, Beni Bischof, Maja Cule, Critical Art Ensemble, DullTech™, Karl Holmqvist, Marcus Kraft, Juan López, Meier & Franz, Modeling Agency (Janus Hom & Martyn Reynolds), Helena Hernández and Rafael Koller aka The Niñxs, Sarah Ortmeyer, Angki Purbandono, PUNK IS DADA, Rosalie Schweiker & Maria Guggenbichler, Stipan Tadic, Britta Thie, Valentin Hauri, Valerio Pellegrini, Eva Vuillemin + Ruth Erdt.

We, a group of students and lecturers of the Postgraduate Programme in Curating (curating.org, led by Dorothee Richter, assisted by Ronald Kolb), have invited artists to participate in the upcoming issue of OnCurating.org accompanying the exhibition They Printed It!  at Kunsthalle Zürich. 

The texts for this issue will be contributed by Kunsthalle Zürich (ed. Maja Wismer, Art Historian, Basel), and it will include “self-advertisements” by the invited artists listed above. The printed version follows.

On Friday, January 15, 6pm, we are presenting a special opportunity to print out the inserts/advertisements and to see and debate the whole issue of OnCurating.org.

With Debora Mona Liem Adinegoro, Lisa Lee Benjamin, Susanne Bernhard Gross, Mariana Bonilla Rojas, Frédéric Bron, Emilie Bruner, Francesca Brusa, Hana Cisar, Matthias Gasser, Michelle Geser Lunau, Matthew Hanson, Cindy Hertach, Raphael Karrer, Katya Knoll, Thomas Lindenmann, Barbara Marbot, Cordelia Oppliger, Diana Padilla, Morgan Paillard, Ludovica Parenti, Paloma Rayon, Silvia Savoldi, Teresa Seabra, Franziska Stern Preisig, Makiko Takahashi, Petra Tomljanovic, Katrijn Van Damme, Simon Marius Zehnder.   


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  • Invitation cards, press releases, inserts and other forms of artistic (self-) marketing