Openki [PopUp]

Openki[PopUp] is a collaboration between and Kunsthalle Zürich.
We’re turning Kunsthalle Zürich into a venue for your course! is an interactive web-based platform in development with the goal of facilitating equal access and opportunities for all: As a basis for non-commercial educational resources, an interface for people who are interested in similar subjects and as an instrument aimed at simplifying the organization of „peer-to-peer“ knowledge exchange. The platform can be used for the entire process of a course: Finding a topic, organizing the course, putting it into effect and accessing the educational materials.

What do you really want to learn? Is there something you can teach other people?

Here you can suggest courses that you would like to participate in yourself, or that you can teach. Both options are possible: You either propose what you want to learn, or describe what you could teach. All proposed courses are listed below. If you are interested in joining one of these courses, you can sign up for it. That way you will be contacted as soon as it takes place.

More information (procedure, conditions, support) are available here.

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