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Openki [PopUp]

  • Courses can be hold during the opening times of Kunsthalle Zürich.

    • Tuesday & Wednesday & Friday: 11 AM- 6 PM
    • Thursday: 11 AM - 8 PM
    • Saturday & Sunday: 10 AM - 5 PM
  • Please note that during your course there might be other events happening at Kunsthalle Zürich as well, such as guided tours or workshops with school classes.
  • The course mentors can suggest a course fee. This fee is an orientation price. Everyone should be able to participate, regardless of financial capability.
  • Kunsthalle Zürich offers help with the realization of any course, and contributes CHF 50 towards the costs of every event of Openki[Pop] at Kunsthalle Zürich.
  • The events of Openki [PopUp] take place in an exhibition space, where art works are on view. Courses that require a lot of movement space or the use of crude tools are not suitable for implementation here.
  • The following infrastracture is available for use at Kunsthalle Zürich:

    • 50 chairs, to be freely placed in the space
    • 1 long table, permanently installed
    • 2 whiteboards
    • 1 Beamer with Mini-Speaker, Adapter for Mac
    • Paper and writing utensils
    • WIFI
  • Describe your course as detailed as possible: What will be discussed and taught; how long will the course take approximately; when could the course take place; what do you need for your course. That way people will know what to expect when they participate in your course.
  • We will contact you to discuss the further procedure when your description is coherent, has received some applications, and can be held at Kunsthalle Zürich. You can also reach as via with any question.
  • Courses can take place once or over the course of several dates.

    • In order to accomodate as many courses as possible, single courses can held up to four times at Kunsthalle Zürich.
    • Of course, you are welcome to continue your course in another space. Openki can give you advice on how to find another space for your course in the city of Zurich: (If you have a space where you could host Openki courses sometimes, then you are welcome to add it on
  • Courses can be suggested in different languages and will take place in the language in which they were proposed.
  • Please note that the instructions of the team of Kunsthalle Zürich are to be followed at all times.

You can also check the FAQ at Openki

For more information, feel free to contact us at