Openki [PopUp] B.Y.O.M.

26.04.2018, 16:00
Openki [PopUp] B.Y.O.M.
Bring Your Own Mags' sharing group

Kunsthalle Zürich
Limmatstrasse 270
CH-8005 Zürich

Tel: +41 (0) 44 272 15 15
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Japanese archivist Kin'ichi Obinata (Kyûshû Sangyô University, Japan) comes to Rob Pruitt: The Church with some Japanese Avant Garde magazines to talk and share about the circulation of International Avant Garde Magazines in a more global point of view. Bring your white gloves and one of your own favorite collector or facsimile Avant Garde Magazine. 自分の雑誌を持ち込みに行こう!

Organized by Mélanie Mermod, Aurélie Mermod, Rico Scagliola, Gabrielle Schaad, and Hayahisa Tomiyasu

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