Philip Matesic: Theory Tuesdays

Philip Matesic: Theory Tuesdays

Kunsthalle Zürich
Limmatstrasse 270
CH-8005 Zürich

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This Spring 2018, Philip Matesic is back at Kunsthalle Zürich with his Theory Tuesdays.

Theory Tuesdays is a non-academic platform for theoretical discussion founded, organized and coordinated by artist Philip Matesic since 2009. Participants read beforehand then discuss contemporary art, design, literary, cultural and critical theory texts on a weekly basis, with the texts selected and introduced each week by a different person. The platform has operated under this “Each One, Teach One“ philosophy since its conception.

The discussions are a blend of knowing and not-knowing, being critical and playful, each one teaching the other. By being free and open to the public, the weekly circulation of varying topics and presenters makes it possible to just drop in and discuss. The sessions are held in English and German.

-Philip Matesic /

Philip Matesic (1983) is an American artist based in Zurich since 2009. His current position is as assistant to the Master of Fine Arts at ZHDK. He received his Master of Fine Arts in Studio Arts (with a focus on Social Practice) from the University of Illinois, Chicago, in 2008. His field of work encompasses urban interventions, conversations and the exchange of knowledge as artistic practice. Ongoing artistic activities include the continous organisation and coordination of "Each One, Teach One" plattforms in Zurich, such as Theory Tuesdays (since 2009) and Practical Fridays (since 2013). 


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