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11.09.2018 – Johanna Vieli

Meine Grossmutter (Chemi bebia), 1929

My Grandmother (Chemi bebia), 1929 Konstantin (oder Kote) Mikaberidze (1896–1973), Film, black/white, no sound, 65 min (1929) / 73 min (1970)

A fired bureaucrat tries to avoid
his wife’s anger by turning to a so-called «Grandmother» to help him find a new job. Instead, his «Grandmother» provides him with a false recommendation letter that warns potential employers not to hire him. My Grandmother uses stop-motion, pup- petry, exaggerated camera angles, anima- tion and constructivist sets designed by the Georgian artist Irakli Gamrekeli, who created many sets for the...

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