02.07.2015, 18:30-19:30
With Yannic Joray & Petra Gibler
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The art of Albert Oehlen challenges the medium of painting, and our understanding of it. The theory and education program of his exhibition An Old Painting in Spirit seeks to challenge the format of the guided tour, which has been declared dead and undying at once in a similar way to painting. Thus we will talk while taking a walk with the artist, a number of special guests, our education team and – last but not least – our visitors.

Yannic Joray is an Artist and Curator. He lives and works in Zurich.

Petra Gibler (*1972, Vienna) is a restorer and conservator of paintings, lives in Zurich, and works at Kunstmuseum Winterthur since 2006. Gibler studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Vienna where she also gained her first work experience in a private practice, then several practices and museums in greater Zurich. Upon graduation she spent two years in London where she worked as restorer for different studios and museums.


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    With Yannic Joray & Benjamin Saurer