Workshops for School Classes

Workshops for School Classes
With Brigit Meier
Freier Eintritt


Kunsthalle Zürich
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Albert Oehlen paints pictures; they are fairly different; as if he wasn’t just one painter but many. We could say: This is because he paints ideas. Those are also really different. But how does an idea look like? Does it have a form even? Does it have color? Is it a drawing? Or an image? Is an idea a figure, or just a long line that never ends? Is it pretty? Ugly? Or both? Does an idea have perspective, or is it flat? What is that for you, “an idea”? How does it look to you? How would you paint it? 

With school classes and other groups we visit the exhibition together and explore it creatively in our education workshop.

Please list 2-3 preferred dates, the name of your school, size of the class, and your mobile number


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